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Gracious Alive...it is suppose to be approaching Spring and since last week it was almost 80 degrees here, the flowers were starting to emerge from their winters sleep.

Instead...the whether in South Carolina today is COLD, and very CRISP...and YES, you can see your breath outside!

What's a girl to do...

With a huge assortment of Fabulous Baby Kay's Applique designs at hand...I am sure to find the PERFECT one to bring a smile to your faces today!

Everyone LOVES my pillow wraps...

-Friends and Family

-The Neighbors

-The UPS Man

and all the many followers here at Baby Kay's!

And since my foyer bench needs a welcoming pillow...that's what's on the agenda TODAY!

Let's get started...

Since I love to re-purpose things, by giving something a “face lift”...

I am using the same 20” pillow form that I have used for the last two pillow wraps in the past and only purchased the actual pillow cover in a pretty HOT pink!

There is method to my madness...

Not only do I have just a couple “pillow covers” and “wraps” to store...I only have ONE pillow form that serves every pillow wrap I make.

Now...that's a WIN WIN situation for sure!

I decided on one of Teresa's newest Spring Designs...the Bunny with Umbrella Applique and I chose the 8X8 size.I added a little cute text in the Penguin Grins Font (check out the Tools of the Trade at the bottom to get all the details)...simply because it looked so darn cute together!

Pillow Wraps are so easy to make...you will want to make a gazillion of them!

TIP...be sure to refer back to the other two pillow wraps I made in the “Believe” Blog Post and the “Together is my Favorite place to be” Blog Post...as I am using basically the same technique!

My design will be rather large...however, you can use the smaller applique size and font sizes to achieve the perfect dimensions for your special pillow wrap.

Here are my stats...

-Design Size...7.5” high X 11.75” wide

-29,683 Stitches (well worth the count!)

First I prepped my Full 8X12 Fast Frame with sticky stabilizer and cut the following sizes out of my materials for the wrap itself...

-Pink and White Plaid Fabric-9.5” high X 40-44” wide (depending on the size pillow you used)

-100% Cotton Batting-8.5” high x 40-44” wide (depending on the size pillow you used)

TIP...Don't forget that the Cotton Batting serves a dual purpose...it gives the wrap “Body” around the pillow itself AND it also gives the design permanent control and HOLD over time.

I then put the batting onto the sticky first, and layered the fabric on top of the batting...centering it, so that there would be “excess” fabric (top and bottom) to make a hem out of over the batting...when you finish your embroidery work.

I also added a few of my flat head pins along the top and bottom edge to secure the top fabric layer and the batting to the frame.You will notice that I used the straight edge of the fabric to match up with the straight edge of the frame itself...and this assures me that I am loading it evenly across the frame.My batting is the same height as my frame, so it is placed even with the frame itself FIRST and then the fabric is on top of that.I also have my center marked with a water soluble pen for a reference point.

Here she goes...

Be still my HEART...

I LOVE this BUNNY so!

I used my RED Clippies on the sides of the frame where I needed it to hold my fabric and batting more securely along those edges.

And YES...I slapped on a piece of WSS...

because it makes my heart sing!


Once I removed the finished work from the frame...I press the top edge over to the backside of the top and the bottom and hemmed it.

After I hemmed both the top and bottom with a nice top stitch, I put it on the pillow I planned to use and trimmed the length of it to fit with a slight overlap.I secured it onto the pillow by sewing velcro at the overlap.

I just LOVE it when a plan comes together...

How about YOU?