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It's a well-known fact that Monograms play a large role in the Embroidery market...however, there are many ways to make a statement, using your Monogram.

I don't think twice when it comes to “wearing” a garment with my Monogram in BOLD...pop off the shirt...letters. In that case...I want the Monogram to stand out and be noticed.

Today...I'm going for a different look...

Simple...Subtle...and Classy!

I found these fabulous cotton dinner napkins in a Beautiful Fall plaid print and they just so happen to match my vintage dinnerware called “Jewel Tea”. It's a Win Win situation!

In the Fall, I like to set my dining room table, using my Vintage Jewel Tea collection and now is the perfect time to add that special Monogrammed dinner napkin to the mix!

Let's get started...

I am using the Elegant Monogram Font from Baby Kay's, in the 3 inch's a “fine” lettering that will add just the right touch for my single letter statement.

I chose a closely matched thread color to the plaid colorway in the napkin...almost tone on tone in value...this will give it a Simple and Subtle look.

Here she goes...

As you can see...I am using my 4.5” X 5” Fast Frame with a sticky stabilizer on it. I also fused a piece of No Show Mesh to the backside of the napkin. And...YES...I slapped a piece of WSS on top and used my Clover Wonder Clips for extra control.

It's how I roll!

Lookey there...I made a little rhyme!

My placement is 2” from the bottom corner to the BOTTOM of the letter. I found the prettiest corner from the four corners of the napkin to place the it has the BEST presentation at the table.

Design size is 1.75” wide X 3 “ Tall...with approximately 3,135 stitches.


If you are newer to embroidery you may want to try using the Floriani Brand of Sticky Stabilizer (called PERFECT Stick) when doing projects like this...where you want to remove all of the sticky from your item WITH ease. This particular product is not like the other sticky's on the removes a lot easier and for any trouble areas...just spritz it with water and it comes right off!

I chose to use the No Show Fusible Mesh (Floriani Brand) because it remains in the napkin to give it permanent stabilization during those repeated washings...however it is soft in hand and does NOT add bulk or stiffness to the napkin.





-Elegant Monogram Font ( I used the 3 inch size)

-Fast Frames (I used 4.5 X 5 inch size)

-Perfect Stick Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-Fusible No Show Mesh Cutaway Stabilizer (I used Floriani Brand)

-WSS (off Brand)

-Clover Wonder Clips (Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Amazon and Quilt Shops)

-Plaid Cotton Dinner Napkin (The Old Time Pottery Store)

-Thread-Exquisite Brand...Orange/Tan Brown #654

-Water Soluble Pen for Marking Center of design

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