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Last weeks blog post used the Sailboat Faux Smocked Design from Baby Kay's...so today I'm going to complete this little baby gift set using the Sailboat Applique and Mini Anchors Design.But wait...wouldn't it be “extra” special if we added an adorable little name to personalize it...and the ”Thick as Thieves” font fit the bill, just right!

Now...a blog post just wouldn't be complete without a little lesson in learning...now would it?A little warning...this post is a bit LONG, but please stay with me here...you will be so HAPPY you did!

Let's get started...

After years of embroidering garments on my multi-needle machine, I found a little “unorthodox” way of loading my garments “right at the machine”...perhaps, some of our readers may like it too!

Step ONE...Prepping my Fast Frame

One of the biggest reasons why most people don't like using “sticky stabilizer” on their Fast Frames is because it leaves a messy residue that builds up over time on the frame itself.Well, let's remedy that real quick!

I spent a little time adding a nice covering of Scotch Blue Exterior tape on the metal frame itself...basically wherever you would stick the stabilizer on to it.This tape protects the frame from sticky build up because it is a VINYL product and will allow you to remove the stabilizer completely...leaving only your nice “blue taped” frame behind!This picture is my 7x7 Fast after I have used it at least 50 times...removing all of the sticky...each and every time!Now...that alone makes me happy...

How about YOU?

Step TWO...Sticky Stabilizer and Fusible NO Show Mesh Cutaway Stabilizer

First, I cut a piece of Floriani Perfect Stik Stabilizer and applied it to my frame...I cut mine larger than the outside measurement of the frame itself (this number will be different with each of the different sizes of fast frames...so adjust that accordingly). I personally PREFER to use this particular brand of sticky...simply because it removes so easily and a little spritz of water removes any area that might be giving you trouble. This product is unlike any other “Sticky Stabilizers”!

Second, I cut a piece of Floriani Fusible NO Show Mesh Cutaway Stabilizer the same size as the interior measurement of the frame you are using. I apply it directly to the exposed sticky stabilizer with the fusible side UP...facing you. Here again...I prefer this particular brand of mesh...simply because it controls my design during repeated washing/wearings (because it remains IN the garment) and it is SOFT and moves freely with the garment. This gives your finished garment a nice feel on your person...and eliminates that “stiff” appearance of a design on the chest of a child. It’s called “NO show” for a reason...you do not “see” the stabilizer through your garment. I personally find that this particular stabilizer also helps in protecting a child's skin from the “scratchies” of the threads.Once again...these are MY own personal opinions!

Once I have my frame prepared, it’s ready to load onto the machine… I do NOT load the garment onto the frame just now. First, I find the center of my design and mark the perfect placement on the garment. I am putting the 6” size design of the Sailboat (adding the 1.5 inch Mini Anchor Embroidery to the right hand sail panel and the name “Jacks” using the 1 inch size of the Thick as Thieves Font on the bottom of the boat itself).

For this particular garment, I am using a size 6-12 months Royal Blue Bodysuit from Hobby Lobby. I use the rule of thumb of 3/4” to 1” measurement from the neckline to the top of the design, if it's a child's garment (bodysuits and shirts alike). From that top mark I measure down the garment and mark the length that the design is...in my case it is about 6” and I make a mark there too. From there I can find the center between the top and bottom mark...and I make a mark there with a water soluble pen.

Now, let's load the bodysuit onto the frame...right at the machine. If you have a laser light on your machine for perfect center placement...it comes in handy when you are loading...so use it!

I rotate my design on board of my machine upside down...since I will be loading the bodysuit upside down...this avoids stretching out the neck of the garment.

Here...I have brought my bodysuit up to the frame...loading the bottom end (where the snaps are) in first, and I continue to move it up on the frame until my laser light matches up with my center reference dot. Once I am happy with its location I double check to make sure I have it straight...by looking to see if the shoulder seams are parallel to the center of the frame. I eyeball this...and believe it or not...it works!

Once I am happy with its placement on the fast frame, I add a bunch of the Red Wonder Clips to hold it completely and firmly in place...like this...



This sweet Sailboat design is super fabulous and stitches up like a dream...it is certainly a must have! As with all appliqued designs...the fabric panels are tacked down first then trimmed close to the stitching, and since all the fabrics I used for the appliques have been prepared with Heat and Bond Lite...I press each panel in place, AFTER it is tacked down and trimmed.Pressing the panels will not only adhere the panels to the garment…but it will also be fusing the Fusible No Show Mesh I have on my frame.See WHY I loaded that piece of Mesh onto the sticky with the fusible side UP…facing YOU?

Once all the panels have been tacked down, trimmed and pressed in place, I put the fast frame back on the machine and throw a piece of WSS on top...piggy backing the wonder clips on top of each other in the four corners...as shown here. 

Now...the design is ready for all the satin work...including the added Mini Anchor Embroidery and the personalization I added!

Lookey how pretty he is turning out…the details are Fabulous on this design!

Now isn't this just the BEST...I love how this little addition to my Sailboat Baby Boy Gift Set turned out...

I LOVE it when a plan comes together...

How about YOU?