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Who doesn't have a sweet family Dog in their lives...or at the very least, have a favorite pet who really belongs to someone else?It's a given...most families do!

Today's project is going to be focused on something super cute for my sisters dog...his name is Sammy!How about a little step by step tutorial to make it easier for everyone else to make one too?

I've been making personalized dog scarves for our pets for quite some time now...and my little sister tells me her “Sammy” is super jealous about it!Let's remedy that real quick!

Here's how I made mine...

I cut an 18” square of medium weight 100% cotton twill fabric (this fabric is heavier than the basic solid has more body and that helps keep my embroidery and applique I chose to put on it nice and pucker free).

Please note that you may need to adjust the size you cut the square to fit your dog proportionally...I had my sister measure the dog scarf the groomer gave her on her last visit...and I cut a square based on those measurements.Groomers dog scarves are usually just a triangle...however, I am going to make mine “lined” by using a square...making a full square from a triangle.

I took just the “PAW” applique from the LOVE PAWPRINT applique design (5x7 size) from Baby Kay's and used it in combination with Sammy's name....using the 2” size font called Quirky Girl!

Now how cute is that idea?

Here's my scarf...loaded onto my 7” Fast Frame (I put sticky onto the frame and NO Show Mesh on the backside of the corner of the scarf...for stability).This item will no doubt get laundered occasionally, so I want to be sure it holds the design shape well.

I measured 5” from the corner of the scarf to the center of the design and made a mark with a water soluble pen.