DIME Embroidery A-Z Event - Baby Kay's Appliques
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DIME Embroidery A-Z Event


I recently attended a local event called the "DIME Embroidery A-Z Event." It explained that it would be about all applique and embroidery techniques from Applique to Zippers. I was really excited to see what I could learn. I loaded up my notebook and headed to the event. It was held at my favorite local Brother Dealer, Sew Select in Hattiesburg, MS. I just love going into Sew Select. The woman are beyond helpful, so nice and the fabric is just beautiful. You may find a Baby Kay's applique or two hanging around the store. 

I heard another lady said she brought her machine in her car just in case we got to do a project. Well there must have been 50 ladies or more there. So how was this A-Z event?.......

Well, I will say that I did learn something. I learned what products DIME offers to make applique and embroidery easier. They really do have some great products from software, to lasers that perfectly help you line up a design. They have magnet hoops, hat hoops, stabilizer and more. 

So for 4 hours we learned about the products that DIME sells. We never got to actually see a product being used, we didn't create a project, and I'm still not sure what that clipboard thing was suppose to do. 

I did have a wonderful time though, meeting friends, and seeing everyone. It was neat to see some of the products out there that make this love for applique a bit easier and we can always use a little easier in our life. 

If you are not sure if the class you are going to is an actually sit down and make something class or a come and look class I would call or email ahead to ask exactly what is it that will be taking place. It doesn't mean it's not a class worth going to, it is just good to know exactly what to expect so you know what to bring ahead of time. 


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