CHRISTMAS IN JULY! - Baby Kay's Appliques
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I can hardly believe it's the middle of July and it's been so hot living on the SUN hot!

Why be hot and miserable?

Let's Que the Christmas music and think “cool thoughts”...all while we get a jump on a super cute Holiday project!

Today, I am going to make a personalized Christmas Ornament, combining a couple of Baby Kay's Applique are sure to LOVE it!

First, I started with the In the Hoop Ornaments design and removed the center appliqued frame, so I would have a larger area to put a cute little penguin applique in it (from the Love Winter Penguin design).Of course I needed to “personalize” it too...and the Dotty Font in the 1/2” size fit the bill, just PERFECT!

Let's get started!

I used my 5x7 Fast Frame with sticky stabilizer on it...because I am going to use a product called “PELTEX” to give my little ornament some much needed “body”...and I wanted it to stick to the stabilizer.If you have never used this product sure to give it a try!

Here's my frame...all set up and ready to load onto the machine.I cut my Peltex (plain version...which means NO fusible product on it) at a 5 inch square, and I cut the background fabric for the ornament itself at a 5” square also!The Peltex square is held in place with my “sticky stabilizer”.


I run the placement stitch first...on top of the Peltex!

Now...I can lay my background fabric in place and tack down that fabric panel...but instead of letting it make the ornament in it's entirety, like the directions tell you to...I trim the Peltex and the background fabric panel and then do all the applique work of the penguin, and the personalization too!

***Tip...use a sharp pair of small snip like scissors to trim the Peltex to get a nice clean cut.Be sure to take your time on this part!Be up...close...and personal with it!

Here's she is...all “blinged” out with the penguin applique and personalized name, using that Super Cute Dotty Font.Now it's time to go back and follow the regular ornament construction directions that came with the “In the Hoop Ornaments” design...which is the ornament backing, satin trim work on the outside edge of the ornament and the ornament buttonhole (for hanging the ornament).

When you are finished with the stitching...simply pop the ornament away from the sticky stabilizer and add a pretty narrow ribbon to the top!You're now ready to hang this on your Christmas Tree or add it to a pretty package for that Special someone on your gift giving list this year!