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Have you made a couple Baby Gift Sets in the past that just felt like you needed alittle “pizzazz” to send it...RIGHT, over the top?Well Today's your lucky day...

Let's make it a sweet little tutorial while we're at it!

Nothing says “Baby Cuteness” like a combination of Soft Cotton Flannel and Baby Kay's Appliques...Teresa's designs make it so EASY to do just that!

So let's JUMP right in!

Today, I'm making a Beautiful Flannel Burp Cloth and a couple sweet little matching Bibs to complete “Evelyn Jo's” girly girl gift set from last week!

First...my recommendation is to PRE-WASH your flannel...mostly because flannel textiles shrink at a higher rate than regular cottons do and this will help your burp cloth and bibs retain their shape after repeated washing's.Another little added bonus to pre-washing is that this simple process brings your flannel to life...making it super soft and oh so cuddly!Just PERFECT for a Baby Gift Set!

-Cut TWO pieces of flannel @ 12” X 20” and round all four corners, using something as simple as a cereal bowl from your kitchen cupboard!

-Cut ONE piece of 100% Cotton Batting @ 14” X 20” (do not round the corners now...we will do that later!).

I'm using my full sized 8 X 8 Fast Frame with Sticky Stabilizer...and this time we are going to use the cotton batting as a Stabilizer too!

Here's my set up...you can see the flannel is even with the batting at the bottom but there is “excess” of it on the sides...that's what you want!

I used the rule of thumb of 1.5 inches from the bottom of the burp cloth to the bottom of the design...and then found the center from there.The faint BLUE dot you see towards the bottom of my Fast Frame in the above picture is the BOTTOM of the design.I also used a combination of my Wonder Clips and Flat Head Pins to give the flannel and batting an “extra firm hold”.

As a side note...I find it so EASY to use my edge of the cut flannel burp cloth as a guide and put it up against the inside edge of my frame...simply because I know for sure the frame is STRAIGHT and it will keep my design straight too.I put a couple of the flat head pins along the bottom edge...and as you can see, those pins CLEAR my bottom blue mark for my design.

Let's NOT hit any pins during this little process!

I chose the ever so cute Chick in Scallop Frame Applique Design in the 6x10 size (which works out to be an approximate 6.25” square in design size).. just what I needed for the bottom of this burp cloth!

I just LOVE the stability I get from stitching the design completely through the flannel AND the cotton batting...and I am sure you will too!

Lookey here!

It is at this point, when all the fabric panels are in place and trimmed that I throw a piece of WSS on top and let her finish up!

After the design is complete and ever so cute...remove it from the frame...taking your time to pull the cotton batting from the sticky...I use “gentle hands”.You could not use the sticky and just use regular tear away but be sure to use a lot of clips and pins to give it the hold onto the frame that you would be getting if you had used the sticky too.That's OK...do whatever method you like BEST!

Once I have removed my burp cloth from the frame, I trim the excess batting to the same shape as the burp cloth...and she then looks like this...

Now I take my second piece of flannel and right sides it together...leaving a 5 inch opening on the opposite end of the design...for turning it right sides OUT!I used a 1/2” seam allowance and then trimmed it a little before turning it right sides outand taking the time to smooth out the edges and corners before I pressed it well.

Then I did a nice top stitch all the way around and this process stitches the opening closed all at the same time!

I wanted to add a couple cute little flannel bibs to the mix, so I chose the matching Chick Girl with Bow Applique design and the Super Pretty Vine Monogram...just BECAUSE...I love it bunches!

I used the same method with the flannel and cotton batting for my Bibs as I did for the Burp Cloth when I stitched out the designs...this way I was sure to use the cotton batting as a “stabilizer” again.I just love the way that turns out...I am certain, you will too!

There she goes...stitching away this adorable design!For a two panel applique this little chicky girl packs a BIG punch in detail!Good gracious I love it so!

I couldn't resist in adding one of my little teether rings with EJ's initials too (Smoothie Shop Font)...don't you just love it when a PLAN comes together?