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Have you put off adding a Baby Beanie Hat to that sweet new baby set you just made because it just seems too “difficult”? I'm going to break it down to just a few simple steps that will have you making adorable personalized Beanie Hats for every new baby you know!

Let's get started!

First...I started with this strange little radius frame that came with my set of Fast Frames.I am certain at this point, you have always wondered what you actually do with this particular frame!Stick with me here!

Just like with all my Fast Frames...I have a nice covering of the Blue Vinyl Tape on the frame itself (refer back to the blog post that discusses this in further will be so glad you did) and then I placed my sticky stabilizer on it.Be sure to make a few cuts into the sticky around the radius area to help it “fit” better.Once I get the sticky on, I mark a line 1.5 inches from the top of the frame...onto the sticky.Here you can see my line (made with a water soluble pen) just ever so lightly...

Then I place a piece of Fusible No Show Mesh onto the sticky JUST below the line I marked.Be sure the fusible side is UP...facing you!Now, I'm ready to load it at the machine!

Let's GO!

I am using the ever so delightful Smoothie Shop Font...that perfectly matches theAppliqued version of Smoothie Shop, I used last week for the Hot Pink EJ Gown.This sweet child's name is Evelyn Jo...and that is what I am putting on her little Beanie Hat, in a 1 inch size.Now...there's a serious PLAN!

I used a super cute little Beanie Hat from Hobby Lobby...mostly because the have a nice width area for embroidering a name.I have done some names as TALL as 2 inches on these little hats.

Take a few moments to find the center of your design and mark it on the appropriate spot with a water soluble pen.I always set the hat up with it's flipped up cuff on the table and mark it then “FIRST” I am sure to have it stitch on the right section of the hat, when the hat cuff is flipped up.

Then I load the machine...bringing my edge of the hat to match the line that I marked on the sticky (at the beginning).At this point your beanie is over top of the piece of No Show Mesh on top of the frame and it fits UNDER your free arm of the machine.Once I am sure it is lined up with that “marked line”, I clip it down securely to the frame using my Red Wonder Clips.I also throw a piece of WSS on top of that...using the “exposed” sticky that is above that line I drew to hold it in place and then “piggy backed” the red clips around the sides.This just keeps your WSS from flying around...especially if you have your ceiling fans running in your studio!LOL!

Here she is...ready to GO!

I placed my little pointer arrow to show that the edge of the hat is lined up with the marked line...

Easy Peasy...Lemon Squeezy!

Away she beautifully!I absolutely LOVE this font, and it is just PERFECT for this little princess!You are certainly to love it too!

When it comes to Beanie Hats...I tend to “Baby Sit” it at the machine!I have even been known to “hold” the bottom of the hat...which is under the free arm of my machine...just to simply control it and keep it from getting caught on the door of my bobbin case.Your hands are “UNDER” the free arm...and AWAY from the needles!

Safety FIRST...that's my Motto!

Here's my sweet little Beanie Hat all set and ready to go with the Hot Pink Gown from last week!