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Baby Kays Memberships



Our Fonts for Life membership is an EXCLUSIVE package which allows you to make a one time membership purchase and from that point on download all of your current and future embroidery fonts FREE! No monthly fees to worry with. Just 1 payment and you are on your way to all the embroidery fonts you could ever want!


This exclusive package is only offered on rare occasions so if you see it out there you must jump on it! We typically are only offering this once a year and each year the price of the membership goes up as our collection of embroidery fonts grows so buy in the first time you see it and you will never have to worry about the cost of another embroidery font again. 


Once you have purchased your membership PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 48 HOURS for your membership to take effect. You will then start to see ALL embroidery fonts prices set to $0.00 when you are logged in.. You will ONLY be able to see the $0 price when you are logged into the account which you purchased the membership under. You MUST be logged in to see the $0 price. You will still need to add the fonts you want to your cart and checkout as usual but you will not be directed to make a payment. 


On even MORE rare occasions we also offer an Applique ALPHA for Life club and Applique NUMBERS Set for Life Club. The same rules apply to those. 


** If we find you are sharing your membership with others your account will be terminated and you will NOT have access to any of your downloads or ever be allowed to join the club again. PLEASE understand we take this very seriously. We can in fact see if accounts are logging in from different IP addresses and will investigate this! 




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